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Envy x edward doujinshi

So I decided to go ahead and take a shot at Moonlit Water Sunny River's Themes of Ed and Envy over at ffn ( Beauty_and_the_Beast_Edvy__Themes). I'm mostly doing an Edvy spin on these, although some will be gen. These're being cross-posted to y!gal (originally on y!gal. Envy had been so ready to kill himself, but then Edward Elric had to go and give him hope of a different future. Could it really be possible for Envy to become a human? And even if it is possible, what then? Also, did Ed get taller? Basically: Ed and Envy's journey as they try to turn Envy into a human and their changing. 11 Jul "Envy,we're meant to sort out the intrusion and leave." Lust purred as Ed backed up against a wall, shaking at what Envy had just done to the guards. "Yeah, yeah. .. just let me have a talk with full metal pipsqueak." "I'm not a-" Ed began to protest but Envy threw the guard's head at him. "Will you shut up?.

10 Jan Envy watched as Ed got up and walked over to the kitchen table, continuing his current project of beating eggs, vanilla, and (shudder) milk together in a bowl. His eyes Envy complied, much to Ed's surprise, though he didn't say anything about it. .. EVER IN THE HISTORY OF ENVY X ED STORIES. Envy saves Ed from an unruly mob with lascivious intent in mind, but who will save Ed from Envy!?. Does he even want to be saved?. This is a gorgeous and super sexy doujinshi! It is one of the best Envy/Ed books I have ever had the privilege of owning~. | eBay!. 25 Aug Fullmetal Alchemist dj – Bean's Kingdom. Pairing: Envy x Ed. Circle/ artist: Gyarandoh (Nanase Michiru, WATANABE Yuuna). Language: English. Fullmetal Alchemist dj - Bean's Kingdom_pg Fullmetal Alchemist dj - Bean's Kingdom_pg Fullmetal Alchemist dj - Bean's Kingdom_pg Fullmetal.

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