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Sep 26, Duo Princess. The game starts on a boat, which eventually leads to a forest and a desert before landing on a river raft ride. Then you fight through a castle and do battle with Rue, the shape shifting chap from Threads of Fate (who's largely ignored because he's not nearly as cool as Mint) before moving on. Jul 2, Duo Princess (JPN) PC Download for PC/Windows. Game description, information and PC download page. I've wanted to start covering doujin games at some point, so here's a start!: www. hardcoregamingnet/duoprincess/ This is a action/beat-em- up using the characters from the Square PSOne action/RPG Threads of Fate/ Dewprism. I really liked Mint and Maya, and seeing them resurrected.

Defiant of Shrine Maiden · Demon Hunter Mai · DreadLock · Dungeons & Darkness · Duo Princess · DYSNOMIA · ElePaper Action · Engage to Jabberwock · Fairy Attackers · Fairy Bloom Freesia · Fairy Game – “Three Fairies of Light” · Fantastic Fantasy Weapon Youmu 妖々剣戟夢想 · FATAL ZERO ACTION · Fight Kutte Night. I've found a place to download the game for free. .html. Get the japanese text support on the top of the page and then go down and download the Duo Princess from down in the page. Message boards are meant for communication. Did you forget? Start using your brain when you post. This is. Duo Princess is an action adventure game based upon Dewprism, a action role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the PlayStation console. As an unofficial sequel that has no relation to the original story, Duo Princess offers a good overall achievement with some nice ideas. The players.

Sep 10, Duo Princess. fanmade game based on Squaresoft action RPG, Threads of Fate you can play as one of 2 princess, Mint or Maya [or both of them in 2P mode] in a simple action game. Mint is stronger in physical attack [close range], while Maya has powerful magic [long range] play them in a simple action. Nov 17, Just, I won't bother doing any of them unless I know there's any chance for them - so what I want to ask is has anyone played any of these games so they can be verified? Games in question are: Edit: Bah, stupid YaBB not displaying Japanese properly. MegaMari: Marisa no Yabou Duo Princess - DONE.


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