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12 Jan DISKDRAKE Part 1. New Paritions There is a choice of partition tools available in Linux. In my opinion there is one program that is best suited for new Linux users: Diskdrake, the graphical partition tool that is included in the PCLos and Mandriva Control Center. Diskdrake has an easy interface with many. Warning. If you wish to use encryption on your / partition you must ensure that you have a separate /boot partition. The encryption option for the /boot partition must NOT be set, otherwise your system will be unbootable. Adjust the layout of your disk(s) here. You can remove or create partitions, change the filesystem of a . Does anyone know where i can download DiskDrake from I really need it as i cannot remove my partition.

Mageia 2 for x86_64, drakxtools-cursesmga2.x86_rpm · , The drakxtools (diskdrake, ) Mageia 2 for i, · drakxtools- cursesmga2.x86_html, The drakxtools (diskdrake, ) Mageia 2 for x86_ 8 Jan Here's another alternative, and I recommend it for two reasons: 1. It's cost-free ( unlike Partition Magic) and 2. I've never known it to fail. For some strange reason, sometimes GParted and QTParted leave certain options greyed out, even if the partition isn't mounted. DiskDrake has always worked flawlessly. Windows® , NT and XP users should remain careful: even though DiskDrake (through the ntfsresize application) is able to resize NTFS partitions, it's highly recommended that you back up your data before starting the installation. Showing page 1. Found 5 sentences matching phrase "DiskDrake". Found in 0 ms.

This is a message to all newbies or who it may concern. If you don't know how to fix lilo/grub or edit your fstab or do things at a commandline don't use disk drake. If you do use it BACK UP!!!!! I used diskdrake earlier to shrink a partition from gb to Then with the space made it created a /home. Hi, I just created a new parition with DiskDrake and it's hdb5. However, when I try to mount it, it says the device hdb5 doesn't exist. I look under /dev. See figure: 'Figura DiskDrake, o gerenciador de partições de disco do Mandriva. ' from publication 'Manual de montagem de um Cluster Beowulf sob a plataforma GNU/Linux' on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.


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