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Sep 19, A Scientifically Customized Bulking Program That Tells You Precisely When to Transition From Phase to Phase So You Can Eat Like a Lion and Maintain Your Sixpack. Custom Workout & Nutrition Plans. 6 week customized workout and nutrition plans to meet your goals. Whether you want to gain muscle. Backing-up Ben's claims of, “TWICE the Muscle, in HALF the Time”, MI Foundation has REVOLUTIONISED the training world! The program is an education for domination, laying the groundwork for LIFELONG muscle-building success! From novice gym goers, to pro-bodybuilders, client after client reports just one regret. How to maximize tension for squats & leg curls; Individualizing the squat for optimal biomechanics and injury prevention; Essential tips for increasing the effectiveness of squats and leg curls for maximal hypertrophy. notes. Training session. Squat dominant workout. lifter. LUNCH. Catered meal. Lecture: Quad isolation.

Forget what the magazines say THIS is how you train like a pro! Authentic training logs from the final leg of BPak's journey to the stage. 6 weeks of ball busting & psychologically challenging workouts, geared towards bringing you to peak physical condition, FAST! Carry a sick bucket with you to the gym this is no joke!. Jan 17, Ben Pakulski's MIpdf (Mass Intentions 40) is a full workout program with separate nutrition manuals and 7-hours of exercise videos. I had been looking for a change up, shock the body for a bit, then get back to my usual training. I had been reading a lot about MI40, and have been watching videos from Ben for years. With his degree in kenisiology and biomechanics, the man really knows how the muscles work, and through the most.

Aug 11, If you're looking for the new MI40X Xtreme, click here. Otherwise read on for the original MI This page includes a free PDF preview of Ben Pakulski's MI. MI40 will not only teach you HOW to exercise, but WHY this is the. ABSOLUTE BEST WAY TO TRAIN for muscle growth and symmetry! I can say with complete confidence that the time you spend watching (and re-watching!) this program will be the most valuable time that you have invested in your training and in your.


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