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28 Mar Limiting “Work in Process” (WIP) items is one of key ideas of Kanban. A natural outcome of it, inherently coming from Lean philosophy is to stop starting and start finishing. By having too many work in process items, it looks like everybody is busy but there is no functional outcome for the end user. So, instead. Stop Starting, Start Finishing. May 21, The phrase in the title is a well- known Agile phrase, but perhaps not well-enough known. In one way, it is saying: minimize WIP. Work-in-process or work-in-progress. In another way, it is saying what my friend Mike Vizdos says: Focus. #Deliver. Ships from and sold by by Arne Roock (Author), Claudia Leschik (Illustrator) Stop Starting, Start Finishing is the mantra for Lean for knowledge work.

8 Sep One of the killers on software development projects is Work-In-Progress. We have learned from the Lean experts, and from the teachings on the Toyota Production System, that too much work-in-progress is a liability. Just yesterday I was asked to spot the problem with a sister company's task board. 23 Apr It is much more important to work towards completing the user story — in other words, to stop starting and to start finishing. 30 Dec Great tips on how to improve your life by organizing better your time, both at work and in your personal life. Summary from slides from Henrik Knisberg.

20 May Companies typically have a large number of active or valuable work to be done at any one time, all at various stages of development. Performance im. 12 Jun This content is syndicated from by Kelly Waters. To view the original post in full, click here. I've worked with so many development teams now that I've lost count. And I've lost count of how many of them have this problem. The problem of being quick to start things, and not being quite so quick to finish them. Stop Starting, Start Finishing! has 24 ratings and 1 review. This booklet tells the story of Justin - a project manager who achieved remarkable results w.


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