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30 Dec Solution to the cooling fan noise annoyances Thinkpad T4x (T40/T41/T42/T43) notebook series. Allows the user to control fan activity based on the system temperature. Win XP Visual C++ project controls the fan via port IO to the embedded controller. TPFanControl will reduce the fan noise of your thinkpad. tpfc_vzip, like v with additional bluetooth (internal) and thinklight control, parameter NoExtSensor=1 for Thinkpads A2x,T2x to prevent buggy reading and parameter ProcessPriority(=2 Attention: there are two alternative incompatible flavours of TPFC. I've used TPFC on a variety of ThinkPads over the past several years and have been extremely pleased with it. Having said that, it worked better on some machines than on others, and my recommendation would be to try out the version whose age is closest to the ThinkPad in question. Given that it's T

7 Nov Attention: there are two alternative incompatible flavours of TPFC: 1st one fan 0 to 7 (zero to high) tpfc_vzip, tpfc_vzip latest common version and special version for TP L and Edge E; 2nd one fan to 0 (zero to high) for Edge E, for. I've seen a few people here running TPFanControl on their x / x machines . Does anyone run it on an xe? If so, which version (v or v [special version]), and what settings? I checked ThinkWiki, but I didn't see the x listed.. . Thanks for any advice, Paul. Ts CTO GHz (i5), GB, GB. 26 Aug I've been running TPFC on manual "4" which does a good job except when my wife or on the kids reboots it goes back into Smart mode and runs hotter then I'd like. Now if I'm not mistaken I can set the values with in the ini file to have the fan run a different speeds for higher temps, problem is I can't figure it.

17 Aug To enable fan control, the module parameter fan_control=1 must be given to thinkpad-acpi. For example, in Ubuntu (Hardy Having done so, reboot. Now you'll be able to use this program easily. Here is screenshot: and direct download (src + i 32bit binary). Please read file. Woke up to this Naturally TPFC picks that up as the highest temp and runs the fan at full blast. CRD is "current. PyTPFanControl is a Linux clone of troubadix's TPFanControl. It uses the sysfs interface exposed by the thinkpad-acpi kernel module to allow you to monitor and control the temperature and fan speeds of your Thinkpad. Usage. / path/to/ This will run the script without superuser rights. The script cannot.


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