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15 Apr Overview. It is composed of 17 parts, 15 app parts, a ticket and a tmd file. This IOS was known to have SDHC support (System Menu introduced SDHC support and IOS61 for the Wii Shop Channel also introduced it). Version, Signing bug? STM Release Exploit? Notes. v, No, No, First release. 13 Mar One way to fix a error Wii is to replace IOS70/80 with IOSv installed into IOS slot 70/ Installing IOSv into IOS slot 70/80 will remove the Korean key check found in IOS70/80, thus fixing the Wii. Currently all USA/PAL error Wiis can be fixed by loading Super Smash Bros. Brawl from. 30 Dec from here i have a conclusion that my wii could be fixed by "The FIX- You need to install ios v into ios slot 70, 80, Then Never ever update from Nintendo.

Choose an IOS which works for you (needs signature hash check, the Trucha bug), such as IOS36 or IOS; Press A to continue. Select IOSs and press A. Select IOS60 - Used by: System Menu (Important: This must complete successfully before doing step 6). press (-) to install v; press A to continue; press A to. Error is caused by system menu /+ and ios70/80 on region changed Korean wiis. The FIX- You need to install iosv into ios slot 70, 80, Then Never ever update from Nintendo again. Be sure to install priiloader to block updates. Alternatively, you can use modmii to install the need. IOSvwad KB Jul 11 AM · IOSvwad KB Sep 29 PM · IOSvwad KB Sep 29 PM · 24KB Jun 24 PM · 24KB Jul 31 PM · RVL-Internet-vwad KB Jul 31 .

IOS 38 > v; IOS > IOS 60 > v -> Download this version and NO other. This is the ONLY non-stub IOS60! 2. Time to copy the files. You need to make the folders yourself. Copy the contents of the new folder titles// to SD:///V/ (or USB:///V/) . 21 Nov Dec 30, Btw, i've downloaded the 60v(IOS60v[FS-ES-NP- VP-DIP]).wad 70v(IOS70v[FS-ES-NP-VP]).wad 80v( IOS80v[FS-ES-NP-VP]).wad the tutorial said 'install iosv into ios slot 70, 80, 90' what should i do next? Should I install these 3 in. IOS70 = IOS60 v with rev13 DIP + ES_Identify Patch All IOS have the Trucha Bug restored. All IOS, except for 28, 31, 33, 34, 35, 36, and 38, have full Korean Game support. All IOS have their version number maxed out to prevent being overwritten by an Official Nintendo Wii System Update (although.


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