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Throughout a career, workers will face multiple life events, job changes or even job losses. The continuation coverage provisions of COBRA — the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act – help workers and their families keep their group health coverage during times of voluntary or involuntary job loss, reduction . AN EMPLOYER'S GUIDE TO GROUP HEALTH CONTINUATION COVERAGE UNDER COBRA. 1. Introduction. Health coverage is one of the most important benefits that employers can provide for their employees. Employers that sponsor group health plans enable their employees and their families to take care of their . There was a time when employer-provided group health coverage was at risk if an employee was fired, changed jobs, or got divorced. Under the Consolidated Omnibus. Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), many employees and their families who would lose group health coverage because of serious life events are able to.

Hope College (the "College") provides COBRA continuation of health care coverage ("COBRA coverage") under the Hope College Employee Benefit Plan ( the "Plan"). You are receiving this notice because you have recently become covered under the Plan. This notice contains important information about your right to. A key decision that millions of Americans face each year is whether to elect “ COBRA ”1 health care continuation coverage. The purpose of this notice is to help people decide whether to elect COBRA coverage. In order to make that decision, they need to know about two laws,. COBRA and HIPAA. This notice provides. Jul 11, and Other Health Benefits: Your Guide to Who Pays First, November , at http :// pdf; U.S. Social Security Administration, Medicare and COBRA, at disabilityresearch/wi/ #cobra; and U.S. Department of Labor, Health Benefits.

The Consolidated Omnibus. Budget Reconciliation Act of An Employee's Guide to Health Benefits. Under COBRA. U.S. Department of Labor. Employee Benefits Security Administration. General Notice of COBRA Continuation Coverage Rights. ** Continuation Coverage Rights Under COBRA**. Introduction. You're getting this notice because you recently gained coverage under a group health plan (the. Plan). This notice has important information about your right to COBRA continuation coverage, which is. If you have Medicare first and then become eligible for COBRA, you can have both Medicare and. COBRA. COBRA coverage may include extra benefits that are not covered by Medicare, like coverage for routine dental care or Who Pays First - Medicare and.


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