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Pokemon black how to liberty pass

The Liberty Pass (Japanese: リバティチケット Liberty Ticket) is an event-exclusive Key Item that allows a player to travel to Liberty Garden where he or she will meet Victini in Pokémon Black and White. The Liberty Pass was distributed to Japanese games between September 18, and October 18, The Liberty Pass was distributed to North American games between March 6, and April 10, The Liberty Pass was distributed to PAL games between March 4. The Liberty Pass is a key item; if you obtained it normally you can't even put it on a Pokemon, and even if you hacked a Pokemon to hold it it would not trip the event flag (since it has to be paired with a Wonder Card to do so) and would be useless. 2. You only need one of the Dogs to activate the Zoroark event. After that it.

11 Aug If you haven't seen Victini, you can't trade for it, because on the game, "they claim " if you haven't seen it or it is not in your pokedex, then you can't trade for it. Rate answer: 0 1 | REPORT. Click here to comment on this answer. Guest answered: Added 17th Nov , ID # Although you cannot, on. The Liberty Pass was an event item only available in Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, and White 2 for a limited time. There is no way to get it anymore without cheating. Pokemon will not rerelease a wifi event for a DS game and don't support anythin. Doing so will earn you a Liberty Pass, which you can use to find Victini: Europe - Mar. You can access this in both Pokémon White and Black. Select Yes Find and enter any Pokémon Center in the game, and then talk to the Delivery Man who will be waiting there. He will give you.

You get it from an event, but the event has passed long ago. Sorry. re: Can't go to Liberty Garden even though with Liberty Pass. you need to find all 6 sages N is possible to find he is in route 10 in black and white in black2and white 2 you find him in route 7 he will give you the pass to the dark boat boat in the 3rd one then you go cauch every single pokemon for free in the. The man should be there and will give you the Liberty Pass. WARNING: Would you like to go to Liberty Garden now?" or something Tested and works on the Action Replay DSi firmware on Pokemon Black (US) with Nintendo 3DS v3. U (I have an ARDSi that is compatible with Nintendo 3DS).


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