Month: February 2020

Lie & More

Lasting Magnetic Industry Rising Magnet Applications, Magnet Products In spite of slow behavior in associated technology markets, the permanent magnet market is inside throes of an amazing upswing with all the money-saving facets of thrift and responsibility in relation to energy efficiency while witnessing a global rise in electrification. The growth stems mostly from automotive ….  Read More

tripled to the third harmonic

magnetic name badges Neodymium glass solid-state lasers are used in extremely high power (terawatt scale), high energy (megajoules) multiple beam systems for inertial confinement fusion. Nd:glass lasers are usually frequency tripled to the third harmonic at 351 nm in laser fusion devices. magnetic name badge holders Neodymium glass (Nd:glass) is produced by the inclusion of ….  Read More